About us

Kroksta farm's beautiful and rural location, amongst junipers and cornfields, is about 10 km northwest of Uppsala. The farm has a long history and it is located in a particular historical protected area with ancient monuments and and historical trails. Today, the farm is visited by overnight staying guests and is also used for conferences and for other festive occasions. Here you´ll find the prefect place for natural encounters, literally.

Since the 1940s, the farm has been in the possession of the Hedenskog family. Kroksta used to be a traditional farm for many year, but since the year of 1999 it has taken a new direction. At that time we started our current bed & breakfast and conference business, which until 2012 was conducted under the name Bror August. In April 2013 we had a re-launch in conjunction with the integration of the main building into the business. Now we have more rooms, better conference facilities, more activities and our own little SPA. The tranquility and fresh country air remains the same.

Our core values

The swedish countryside and its ancient traditions have a special place in our hearts. We love the traditional red houses with white corners, gravel roads and the smell of lilac, delicate lace curtains, rag rugs and creaky wooden floors.

We have a passion for the nature. Therefore, we try to think both organic and locally in the choice of everything from raw materials, equipment and business partners.