Activities at the farm

Since we at Kroksta farm are fond of animals and nature, we have created many outdoor activities for you. Why not follow the walking trail through the woods and enjoy a picnic in seclusion or stroll along the river Jumkilsån? There is a place for barbecue in the meadow. You can also find ancient memorials here (runsten) and if you're lucky berries and mushrooms in the forest.

At home in the garden there are a number of activities to keep you occupied. You can relax in our wood-fired hot tub. Equally enjoyable during a sparkling winter day as in a warm summer evening!

The animals on the farm are all old Swedish native breeds. We have the sheeps from Åsen in Dalarna, hens from Gotland and the cat Smilla. You are welcome to pet the animals and feed them a carrot or two!

We also have bicycles for rent and several classic board games available to borrow for competitive guests. We have everything you need to organize a pentathlon including booth throwing, stilts and potato on a spoon.